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Workshop Stream 9VS

Vibration Sensors Details in Reliability Strategy

Lecturer: Mateusz Bujak & Dominic Wrona


Have you ever worked with machinery or installations more problematic than others? Have you measured vibrations there? Expert’s reports based on vibration analysis are not clear for You? Amplify motion and see how your machine or installation is really vibrating and which components are actually problematic. Whether it's the concrete foundation, frame, drive, base or piping. Maybe it's misalignment, unbalance or resonance?


Vibration sensors details in reliability strategy:

1. How vibration sensors fit into reliability program?

2. Selection of the vibration sensors

3. Installation of the vibration sensors

4. Practical examples to validate theory vs. practice.

Measurements with the Iris M™ camera can quickly resolve problems and analysis in Motion Amplification® software is immediate and easily understood, even by inexperienced personnel.


During the workshop, we will show an analysis using Iris M™ system .


1. Vibration acquisition

2  Motion amplification

3. Frequency filtering

4. Reporting


For more information about Motion Amplification® technology:


Mateusz Bujak.jpg

Mateusz Bujak

Mateusz is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at AGH University in Krakow joined program with Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Involved in vibration diagnostics for more than 17 years. Initially responsible for wind turbine remote diagnostics. Afterwards for commissioning of on-line systems and further for its development. Mateusz joined Hansford Sensors in 2009 being involved in Central&Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Canada. He is currently responsible for Global Business Development. During serving support to partners/customers always interested in challenging examples of troubleshooting and advanced analysis. Constantly developing the knowledge and experience in Asset Reliability.

CMRP, ARP, Motion Amplification and ISO VA II Certified

Privately father of 2 kids with interest in new technologies, cars and high fidelity audio.


Dominik Wrona (1).jpg

Dominic Wrona

Dominik is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at AGH University in Krakow, Automation & Robotics specialist. Involved in wide range of projects, started as electronic designer, CBM systems designer and finally responsible for commissioning.

For almost 17 Years Dominik executed for 100+ condition monitoring systems for chemical plants, power plants, coal mining, steel industry and many more. Dominik is always close to technical and practical issues not only for management role. Skilled engineering professional with high focus on solving customer's issues, always growing ambitions and driven to take on the most difficult challenges.

Since 2015 in VIMS company focused on new measurements tools in maintenance field.

ISO VIB Cat II certified, Infrared Thermographer Cat 1 by ITC and Motion Amplification® trainer supporting and teaching partners about this breakthrough technology in Poland, Germany and surrounding countries.

Privately father of 2 kids with interest in new technologies, automotive and rock music.

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