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Workshop Stream 4

Right bearing for the right application. Selection and Installation.

Lecturer: Vasile Nitu


This workshop will address the issues related to the correct selection, in accordance with the constructive and functional features of the application. The main problems that occur when installing bearings will also be addressed.

The constructive peculiarities of the bearings with destination:

     • Equipment for the mining and minerals industry.

     • Equipment for the steel industry

     • Equipment for the paper industry

     • Reducers and gearboxes

     • Electric motors

Regarding the bearings installation:

     • Shafts and housings preparation for bearings mounting

     • Bearing handling

     • Bearings lubrication before installation

     • Bearings protection system

     • Influence of working temperature in modification of bearings operating parameters.



Vasile Nitu

Graduate of Transilvania University Brasov - Romania, in the specialty – Technology of Machinery Construction.

He worked for 28 years in bearing factories.

For 9 years he has been part of the Technical Team Unit of RKB Europe SA, Switzerland, as an application engineer

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